Oak Alley Plantation Wedding in Louisianna

It seems like it's been a year since I planned and directed Lindsey and Ken's wedding in April! I had made one of my first posts before the trip and intended on immediately following up. As with a lot of new bloggers....I let time slip away. But here I am ready to share about the charming wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth O'Neal! I also have ridiculous and hysterical (now that I can look back on it) moments that Joanne and I experienced on the trip. Those had absolutely nothing to do with the wedding itself and I will have to share those in another blog. It goes to show that a wedding can be flawless and I still have drama!

Lindsey, who owns Planet Beach in SpringHill and Ken who works with Hearing Planet are busy, busy people. They also have Ken's precious son, Aiden to take care of. It was inevitable that Lindsey would need help and I can hardly say this with out feeling old....Lindsey worked for me at a non-profit when she was still in high school! She remembered that I had started Premier W.E.D. after leaving the non-profit job and she called in an SOS! Lindsey is originally from Baton Rouge and the location of Oak Alley Plantation made it easy on her family and Ken's. Not to mention it is absolutely stunning. They are also very accommodating and gracious. I highly recommend it!

Lindsey loves purple and asked for it to be the main color but she didn't want it to look too much like Mardi Gras. I suggested we pair the Purple with a lilac and a lime green. The designs and selections flowed from there!

I commissioned Phindy Studios from Nashville to be Lindsey and Ken's photographer. They had approached me in the winter with their beautiful work and were anxious to be a part of the Louisiana wedding. The cake stand was provided by Rebecca with Cakes By Rebecca and custom made for Lindsey's wedding from a picture she had selected in my office. Chef and Caterer, Lisa Coffman with Unique Flavors ,had made me Halloween masks for a party I was hosting several years ago. I called to ask if she would do the same but in Lindsey's wedding colors. We offered the masked cookies to guests for their favor. Designs In Paper did a great job pulling all the colors and theme together. They made paper fans that resembled Lindsey's invitations and we placed those fans in each seat at the ceremony. They also made tags for the guest room gifts and the favors. All others hired were local vendors.

With the wedding hosting 60 people, the night was warm, personable and delightful! A gospel choir sang "Oh Happy Day" from the plantation balcony as the wedding party recessed between the old oaks. It was an appropriate song for such a joyful day.

The wedding was featured in the Tennessean and I laughed when I read that I had helped select the menu. That is not quite the case...Lindsey was thoroughly amused by my lack of knowledge of Cajun food. Not being a fan myself, I had never heard of half of the items being offered from the Plantation and I was shocked to find they didn't have any vegetables. This did not stop the guests from raving about the menu finally selected.

The DJ played on through the reception and had everyone on their feet! Good thing I had my signature bucket of flip flops for the "Ginger Rogers"! With a masked entrance to the reception, Lindsey and Ken had the time of their lives and left the festival of fun and family with a sparkler send off!

Thank you to Phindy Studios for sharing these pictures!

I want to thank Lindsey for remembering my services but also for recognizing she needed help! It is sometimes hard to let someone else in on a day that has been on your mind for years! It was a beautiful wedding and Joanne and I were honored to be a part of it.


Rhonda Hendricks said...

I love this venue and Phil & Mindy captured beautiful photos, as usual! My favorite idea is the "dancing shoes"! I look forward to more posts from WED!

(Joe Hendricks Photography)