Schermerhorn Symphony Center wedding and reception


Julie Kroenig married Dr. Jonanthan Forbes in April just before the floods closed the Schermerhorn. This couple is extraordinarily smart, beautiful and kind. They each come from close knit families with the same qualities and were set up by Jonanthan's Uncle who worked in the news room with Julie. I blogged about their engagement earlier this year and spoke of Julie's job as a local news morning anchor and Jonanthan is a neurosurgeon. I have to say that Julie's brother's were a hit at the wedding (which embarrasses their little sister to no end)as one is a world famous supermodel for Chanel and the other is a professor at Oxford. Brad and Nicole Kroenig's son, Hudson, insisted that his stuffed tiger, that was a personal gift from Karl Laggerfeld himself, go down the aisle with him. I struggled to even get him down the aisle at all; gave into his sweet face and sent them on their way. It was a pleasure working with Julie and getting to know her and I now consider her a friend. Her personal style was similar to my own so it made the planning and design process simple. All vendors involved helped to create a beautiful day for this special couple. Their wedding is also featured in this season's issue of Nashville Lifestyle Weddings Magazine if you'd like to read more.

Lighting: Bradfield's Lighting